Translated from German:
"[...] the young, Hong Kong-born and Boston (USA) trained Alison Lau. A special award given by the Gerhart-Hauptmann Theater brought the soprano to Germany [...] her aria "You have sadness now" charmed the audience in the Zittau Theater. Alison Lau's pure tone, her natural approach and her perfectly crafted pronunciation captured the audience. All those involved, but above all her, were the subject of the rhythmic applause in the sold-out theater."
- Sächsische Zeitung (Saxon Newspaper)

「演員的音色音量以及演技都不錯,如劉卓昕的詠嘆調《親愛的爸爸》(O mio babbino caro)就有着卓越的表現。」
- 大公報, 劉靖之

“Alison Lau was a coy Lauretta [...] Lauretta has the opera’s blockbuster aria “O mio babbino caro”; Lau gave a sweet, youthful rendition.”
- Asian Review of Books, Peter Gordon

“I have to make special mention of soprano Alison Lau. Her voice sent genuine shivers around my body - Miss Lau, you have a big and bright future.”

“‘Beloved Clara’ [...] was the highlight of the evening for me, the music performed with great elegance and tenderness. Alison Lau’s crystalline voice and her precise articulation of German [...] were really wonderful, the musicians revealing their empathy with this music.”
- InterludeHK, Frances Wilson

“[...] soprano Alison Lau, whose voice had a sweetly searing clarity, were a pleasure to hear.”
- ArtMuseLondon



“The long arias sung by soprano Alison Lau Cheuk-Yan as Helena [...] were seamless in expressing their misgiving or statement of love.”
- South China Morning Post

“Alison Lau was a beautiful Helena with great promise dramatically and vocally.” 
- Time out Magazine

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